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TAIGA MISTRAL GESTIÓN, SOCIEDAD GESTORA DE ENTIDADES DE INVERSIÓN COLECTIVA, S.A. is a public limited company with registered address in Aravaca (Madrid), at Camino de la Zarzuela, 15, which was incorporated perpetually by virtue of the public deed authorised on 6 October 2008 by Notary of Madrid, Mr Martín Recarte Casanova. It is registered with the Madrid Commercial Registry, in Volume 26,043, Folio 145, Section 8, Page no. M-469484, Book 0, Registration Entry 1. Its registered address is at Camino de la Zarzuela 15, Ed. B 2ª, 28023, Madrid, and it is the holder of TAX ID number A85542140. It is registered with the Administrative Register of Venture Capital Companies of the National Securities Exchange Commission (CNMV).

The contact details are:

Camino de la Zarzuela, 15 Edificio B Planta 2 28023, Madrid

Telephone: 913576310

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The content offered on this website is provided solely for information purposes and has been created by the Management Team at Taiga Mistral, based on information considered accurate and obtained from sources deemed reliable, on public information and on the own experience of the Management Team.

However, the Management Team of Taiga Mistral does not guarantee the integrity or the accuracy of this information. The website must not be used as a basis for any decisions or actions by its recipients. The applicability of any specific aspects of the content must be verified with specialists in the concrete area involved. In any event, the Management Team informs you that investments in a Project of the nature and the characteristics of Taiga Mistral involves a series of risks to be borne in mind:

  • Investment Risk: the success of the Project is reliant on the ability of the Management Team of Taiga Mistral to identify, develop and realise the most attractive investments. There is no guarantee that the investments made will be successful. Past performance does not guarantee future profitability.
  • Regulatory Risk: the wind energy sector largely depends on regulatory support. There is no guarantee that this regulatory support is going to continue in future, and this could mean that returns for investors are lower than expected.
  • Financing Risk: interest rate increases or changes of the terms and conditions offered by banks may affect the expected profitability for investors.
  • Exchange Rate Risk: the investments made by Taiga Mistral are denominated in euros, whilst income and costs are provided in zloty. Exchange rates can suffer changes over the life of the project, undermining investor profitability.

Divestment Risk: the success of the divestment strategy relies on favourable market conditions. There is no guarantee that current market conditions will exist at the time the divestment takes place.